Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer times

Hi everyone!
I´ve been taking some time off blogging now on my vacation and been focusing on other things. Like sorting and cleaning my craft room. I was overwhelmed with how much stuff I actually have and it feels really good to know what I have and what I actually do NOT need to buy. Here´s some pics:

In my previous post I showed you some books that I ordered about sewing. I´ve finished a skirt - yay! - that is from another sewing book by Jenny Hellström. Pardon for the unmatching top:

I´m also working a lot with my paper PL album but I haven´t taking any pics of that - sorry! Instead I´m gonna show you my latest digital layouts:

Credits: Eclectic Moments- Kaye Winecki There´s Always Blue - Kaye Winecki
Say Something - Dunia Designs

Credits: Everyday Life - July | Bundle by Juno Designs, TDC

Credits: Take Note by Tickled Pink Studios


Oh - I almost forgot! I´ve made TWO PL pages using the new printable pack from ScrapStacks:

...and the Printable Pack from ScrapStacks:

I guess that´s it from me today. I´m melting away here...It´s about 27 degrees C here in Sweden today and it´s slowly getting a little more cooler now in the evening. We´re spending the evening in front of the telly watching 24:Live another day and after that Frozen on dvd. Sounds like good plans to me!
xoxo everyone till next time...

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Let´s talk about shopping

What kind of a shopper are you? I think I tend to be a real spender in periods and in between really holding on to my money. Lately I´ve ben feeling like a BIG spender and it has come to a point when I think to myself that I need to stop. But then I´ve been comparing with others and it might not be that bad. But one thing is certain - I really don´t need to buy things like new clothes or scrapbooking paper. I´m cramming stuff into my drawers and wardrobes! I do need to get rid of some stuff that I´m actually not using. Why is it so hard to part from some things? I mean like toss away all those clothes that I don´t feel comfortable wearing or the ones I´m saving to when I´ve lost some weight.  So here´s some things I´m gonna do...

  • Start the terrifying process of getting rid of clothes that I like but does´t fit me one way or another. Let´s face it - some of them I got cheap so what´s the big deal?
  • When I buy clothes in the future it will be something that I really want and feel comfortable wearing. More quality than quantity.
  • Not buy anymore scrapbooking supplies until I´ve used the ones I have.
  • Put all the scrapbooking and craft stuff that I really won´t be using or don´t like anymore and sell them or take them to work (I´m a teacher).
Sounds good, right?
To be honest I have been doing some shopping this last week that will end up in my house, but after that I´ll be holding on to my money. So what did I buy then? 

Let´s start with clothes since that is one of the major issues for me right now. Now, I bought from a Swedish company called House of Lola and that´s one of the brands I´m sticking to in the future. They´re expensive but so comfy and well done. I got these:

The other issue was scrapbooking stuff - and I honestly think that´s gonna be harder to stay away from - but I bought some filler cards and a paper pack:

The last thing I bought - and to be true I will never be able to stop shopping these - are books! This time three different sewing books:

So how about you? Are you a big spender? Or are you planning to stop shopping? It would be fun to know if you want to share - would love some comments on this! 

Until next time - XOXO

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Lots and lots of layouts

I´m a bit late again here but do I got things to show you today! Since it´s a new month it means a new awesome ScrapPack over at ScrapStacks:

ALL of those gorgeous kits for just $5 - it´s a steal! Let me show you what I made with them so far:

Away We Go - Word Art World:

 Family Time - Doris Castle:

 Good Night Teddy - Chelles Creations:

Rainbow Ice - Hat of Bunny:

Maybe you remember me saying that I don´t actually buy so many digital kits - I´m so lucky with being on such awesome CT´s - but once in a while I see things that I just can´t resist buying. Like these goodies from Quirky Heart at The Lilypad:

I love, love, LOVE the artsy feeling to these and that alpha is just awesome! Many of these will get printed in some way for my paper pocket scrapbooking. So far I just made this little layout:

Then I TOTALLY felt like spending some cash and bought the whole Storyteller July collection from Just Jaime - also from the Lilypad:

Unpacking the goodies I felt - and still do - that they might be just a little to bold for me. Maybe they will grow on me. Anyhoooow - here´s a layout (and I do love that background paper!):

When I saw the Pocket Life: July collection by Traci Reed at Sweet Shoppe Designs I realized that this is really more true to my own style right now and I did buy the whole collection too even if I think it was a bit pricey:

On the upside of this is that since I bought stuff for $20 I got two free kits and they were so awesome:

Unpacking all of the things from Sweet Shoppe I felt: SCORE!!! Love them all and so worth the money!

When it comes to my designers I only got one product to show you - but it makes me wanna get working with my old Silhouette which is collecting dust here on my craft table:

I have made a layout with one of the words - but I promise to share with you when I finally work with my Silhouette in "real" paper... ;)

Now - you might wonder what I´m up to besides scrapping so here´s some...
  • Just chilling - eating too much and drinking wine and Pimm´s
  • Catching up on Game of Thrones. Right now I´m on part two, season four so no spoilers please!
  • Keeping up to date with one of my all time fav shows - True Blood!! I guess all things must come to an end but boohoo for leaving Bon Temps and all the folks - and other creatures- around there.
  • I´m taking up my sewing aging! Started on a new skirt that´s soon finished AND even bought some new pattern books.
  • Hanging around Facebook far too much...
  • READING!!! Finished two books by Michael McConnelly and now I´m reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth. Next up will either be Under the dome by Stephen King or Sleeping Arrangements by Sophie Kinsella.
  • I SHOULD get my act together and do some design job - and I´ve promised myself that I will start on Monday....
  • Just feeling blah to everything :(
So - I´ll be back soon ...hopefully... Have it awesome!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Project Life in many ways

I´ve been working hard with catching up on my paper Project Life album and now I´m pleased to say that I´ve got all the photos and filler cards in their little pockets all the way to week 23! I also managed to fit filler cards till week 27.  I´m completely finished up to week 16 so here´s that one and week 14+15:
Week 14:
*Alpha stickers- Little Bird Design* Pocket Cards/bundle - Juno Designs and Carina K Designs (yep - that´s me!)* Heidi Swapp ephemera* dots and gold strip - Studio Calico*washitape*dymo label maker* hash tag stamps - Pysseldags*

Week 15:
*Days stamp - Pysseldags* Heidi Swapp emphemera* Everyday Life stamp - Ali Edwards* word stickers and enamel dots - Studio Calico* Midnight Edition JC - Becky Higgins* Pocket Cards - Juno Designs & Carina K Designs* washitape* Oh Happy Day elements - Mari Koegelenberg* dymo label maker* attacher* flairs by me and from a friend*

 Week 16:
* Journaling cards -Homespun by SimpleStories* Enamel dots - Chalk Studio* wash tape* word sticker - Heidi Swapp* chipboard sticker and word strip - Studio Calico* 
*white letter rubons - Studio Calico*

I also made a new digital PL page about my dd´s graduation:

Everyday Life - June by Juno Designs. Doodled Pocket templates 3 by Kate Hadfield.

Now why both digital AND paper Project Life you may think???? Simply because I can´t choose one or the other! Love playing with paper but also love the many possibilities I get with digital. 

Have a great day!